Our history

Verena Dohn, Gründerin von murmunto organics

"We founded murmunto out of a deep desire to develop all-natural, organic bedding and mattresses for children."

Füllungen aus Naturmaterialien

Safety and security

Responsibility and transparency

We have our bedding and mattresses manufactured in artisanal factories in Germany. To ensure high quality, we only keep a small stock. We therefore only manufacture many products to order. This conserves resources and enables sustainable production in Germany.
Bedding and mattresses for babies and children place particularly high demands on the materials used, such as high temperature and moisture regulation and high breathability. We only use natural materials that have been tested for harmful substances. Therefore, organic is a conviction for us and not a trend. With the selection of our natural raw materials, we want to contribute to more environmentally friendly cultivation and species-appropriate animal husbandry. We therefore only use natural raw materials that have been tested for harmful substances and for which no artificial fertilisers or pesticides were used in their production. In some cases, we do not receive organic certification for this, e.g. for kapok, which is exclusively collected from wild growth by local farmers and therefore escapes the conventional rules of plantation certification.We love our unique natural materials. They play the main role in our products and make them what they are.

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