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Most children and adolescents are also on the move during sleep and alternate between tucking in and kicking out. Children's bedding must therefore be particularly temperature-regulating.
The special needs of children are the focus of our product development and material selection. Our children's bedding is manufactured in fine organic quality. They are lined with natural materials such as organic cotton, organic hemp, organic wool and kapok and covered with a cover made of skin-friendly organic cotton. These materials naturally bring temperature-balancing, breathable properties and thus create an optimal sleeping atmosphere.. And of course they keep you cosily warm.

13 Produkte

13 Produkte

About cot blankets

To ensure that your child sleeps comfortably all year round, we offer every blanket as a winter, summer and all-season duvet. You can easily find the respective variants as a selection on the product page. Our children's duvets are all certified organic, which means they are completely free of harmful substances, making them a great alternative to polyester and the like. Especially for children with allergies or sensitive skin, we would always recommend a natural blanket to guarantee a restful sleep. And best of all: they are all incredibly easy to care for. Because a blanket is rarely just something for children to sleep on: they make dens out of them, they become an invisible shelter when playing hide-and-seek and a cloak for the cold walk to the toilet in the middle of the night. Accordingly, we have chosen materials that are either washable without forming lumps (hemp, cotton, lyocell and kapok), self-cleaning and neutralise odours (alpaca wool) or can hang out in the fresh air (virgin wool).

At what point does a cot blanket make sense?

With a duvet, you do something good for your little one from about 2 years upwards. Before that, a sleeping bag is the better option, as babies feel very comfortable in it and sleep safely wrapped up.

What do you have to consider when choosing a cot duvet?

It is important to choose the right size and material. As the first blanket after the sleeping bag from the age of 2, we recommend a child's blanket in 100 cm x 135 cm. A larger blanket is too heavy and restricts their freedom of movement during sleep. If your child already sleeps in a normal bed (approx. 2 metres long), they can make themselves comfortable under larger blankets, e.g. 135 x 200 cm or 140 x 200 cm and really snuggle in. When choosing the material, it is important to make sure that it absorbs moisture well and is breathable, as children dream very actively and also move a lot during sleep, and therefore sweat more. This also regulates the temperature during sleep, which ensures uninterrupted and restful nights.

Which material is best for a child's duvet?

Materials that are breathable and absorb and release moisture well are primarily natural fibres. Synthetic fibres like to retain body heat underneath the blanket, so that small children's bodies can quickly overheat. You can see this in the morning when they are lying cross-legged or feel it on the wet surface of the blanket. Natural materials - both of plant origin and wool - store moisture within their fibres and release it evenly. At the same time, they allow heat to pass through and breathe well. Specifically, we can recommend all the materials in our shop that are tailored exactly to the needs of your children: Lyocell, kapok, hemp, cotton, virgin wool and alpaca wool.